The Ultimate Guide To Korea’s Startup Ecosystem

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Interested in expanding to South Korea? We can help.
NextUnicorn is a data-driven startup networking platform for South Korea.
We provide you with not just the data on all the startups in South Korea - we also have a direct channel to all the decision makers, so you can say less, and get more done.
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Get data on over 16,000 of Korea’s fastest growing startups

From newly listed companies, to companies just formed - NextUnicorn brings you all the information available on startups of all sizes.
We provide everything from revenues to fundraising history; team size to recent news - whatever you need, our job is to get it to you.

Busy? Disorganized? That’s what we’re here for

You’re busy. We’re here to make your life just that much easier.
From filters to folders (and more to come!), we’re here to make your 9-to-5 as productive as possible.

Because data alone can get you so far

A lot of our competitors provide you with just publicly available data, and leave it at that.
That means you have to scramble yourself for a point of contact.
We have you covered.
We have direct points of contact to nearly 60% of our database, and are adding more every day.
What’s more - they’re highly responsive. With EDM open rates of over 40%, we can help make your go-to-market strategy come to life.